SMS Marketing System

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SMS Marketing System Karachi

Special Features:

  • Use Bluetooth port for connection between Mobile & PC
  • Enhanced Contact Directory by various filters
    • Level
    • City
    • Area
  • Dial, Receive and Disconnect commands can be send to Mobile via PC
  • Call history
  • Single SMS sending
  • Group SMS send filter by Level, City, Area etc
  • Pending SMS list auto create if any failure detected or stopped by user
  • SMS history
  • Import thousands of contacts in few minutes from MS-Excel in prescribed format
  • SMS history
  • We diligently study each client case to understand the client’s requirements and objectives and deliver a dependable and effective solution. We offer all available options and provide a competent guidance to clients to informed business decisions.

    Earn Clients' Trust and Confidence

    Our aim is to earn clients' trust and confidence as a result of professional attitude, determination for what we do and dedication to a long-term relationship. We will move on to additional mile to deliver ample business value and support clients.

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