Goods Transport Management System

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Accounting Software Karachi

Special Features:

  • Customer record management
  • Station wise goods record
  • Bilty ToPay/Paid
  • Invoice for Paid bilty
  • Delivery Challan with Profit/ Loss
  • New customer may directly be added from bilty
  • New transporter may directly be added from delivery challan
  • Product's Features

    Finance Section

    • Multi Level Chart of Accounts
    • Cash Debit Voucher
    • Cash Credit Voucher
    • Bank Debit Voucher
    • Bank Credit Voucher
    • Journal Voucher
    • Single Entry in Debit & Credit Vouchers

    • Vouchers
      • Cash Debit
      • Cash Credit
      • Bank Debit
      • Bank Credit
      • Journal Voucher
    • General Journal (All & Voucher Type wise with check-list and posted option)
    • General ledger
    • Trial Balance (Multilevel)
    • Trial Balance (Last level)
    • All Accounts View (Tree View)
    • All Accounts View (Last Level)
    • Income Statement
    • Periodical Income Statement
    • Trading Profit & Loss Account
    • Balance Sheet

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