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Client Testimonials  We have nothing but terrific things to say regarding our experience working with Software Island. The quality of their work continuously impresses us from day to day. We have had some extremely difficult assignments and Software Island has been capable to manage each and every one with perfect detail and professionalism. Recently when we had a substantial volume of projects fall on us all at once from several clients, we realized there was no way we could be able to complete them all without help. We turned to Software Island and they picked up the slack and got us by one of our busiest periods as a company. When we have queries, even challenging ones, they are mostly answered within a day. We had many possibilities to choose from when choosing a software development company and considered on a company over 500 miles away simply because they proved to be the best. We are delighted with our decision to work with Software Island.

Trevor Seemann CEO, IT Problem Solver, Inc.

Client Testimonials  We are delighted with Software Island and the solutions they have delivered. They were very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex. Using business language rather than technical jargon, they produced a proposal which was spot on and reflected exactly the areas discussed. They then delivered a solution which not only met our requirements, but surpassed them. We are very pleased with their service levels.

Muhammad Faisal CEO, Allied Trading.

Client Testimonials  Software Island has not only worked with us to develop a software solution but they have an ability to take our vision a step further and to anticipate our needs for the future. All of this is done in a professional, efficient and courteous manner - I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Nawaid N. Kalia Divisional Head, NEDO Corporation.

Client Testimonials  We have trusted Software Island with our critical systems since 2007. Software Island’s philosophy is based on “partnership”. We have found the entire Software Island team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and have the ability to clearly understand our business requirements and also those of our customers. They consistently deliver high quality solutions for our business.

Asif Director, Union Fruits, Inc.

Client Testimonials   Software Island fully engaged to fully understand our business process needs to subsequently scope out, develop and deliver on our exact requirements. Overall we are impressed with Software Island’s professionalism and their degree of engagement to ensure successful project delivery. Hence, we would recommend Software Island to any business.

Abdul Ghani Managing Director, Supreme Fresh.

Client Testimonials   We consider Software Island an important strategic partner of ours. Having worked on a number of large business critical application together the Software Island team have time and time again proven themselves to be innovative, professional and extremely thorough. Combined with this professionalism, the Software Island team are always a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to continuing to grow our business together and are confident that Software Island will be with us each step of the way.

Jaleel Ahmed Khan General Manager, Pakistan Foods Products.

Client Testimonials   I have found Software Island to be dynamic perfectionists who deliver an assignment on time, with great accuracy and within budget. The systems they have built for us have increased our efficiency, allowed us to improve customer service and has increased our profits. They have proved themselves to be most trustworthy and honourable. I look forward to a long term relationship and I am pleased to recommend them whenever the opportunity arises.

Shakeel Ansari Media Manager, Arts Council of Pakistan.

Client Testimonials   The Software Island team came to see us and very quickly established what we wanted and then to all intent and purpose steered us through the process. What we ultimately ended up with was beyond our initial expectation. Our product is live and within budget. Our product has the “wow factor” we wanted. We have future projects rolling out and Software Island will be part of these processes from the outset.

Kamal Ahmed Director General, Auditor General International.

Client Testimonials   Software Island not only understand your business requirements, but in the online system and web space have many suggestions to improve and speed up delivery of solutions. Extremely technically competent they have quickly understood our business, its scale and associated processes. They have delivered all our systems in line with, and in some cases exceeding, our business expectations. They work well as a development partner; more than highly recommended.

Muzaffar Hussain Director, System 9000 Pvt Ltd.

Client Testimonials   Software Island consistently provides the goods: analysis, advice, understanding, support, great attitude and a superb product. We continue to be very happy with Software Island as a development partner and recommend them to anyone.

Munawwar Ali General Manager, Pakistan Foods Products.

Our Valued Clients

  • RC COLA International
  • Arts Council of Pakistan
  • Crown Lifan Group
  • United Registrar of System (URS)
  • Auditor General International
  • System 9000 Pvt Ltd
  • NS Industries
  • Pakistan Foods Products
  • Freight Solution Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Telefun
  • Alfapen Pvt Ltd.
  • KB Sarkar International
  • NEDO Corporation
  • Flavorome International
  • Leather Inn
  • Union Fruits
  • Karsaz Pvt. Ltd.
  • International Aeradio Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Hazro Goods Transport
  • Docks Pvt. Ltd.
  • One Securities Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Union Fruits
  • Ekada
  • DUMAAS (Rice Mill)
  • Grand Move Real State (Dubai)

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