Presentation Design Services

We design robust, feature-rich, cost effective & easy-to-use presentations

  • Storyboarding
  • Procurement of images
  • Custom diagrams, charts, tables
  • Information visualization & content development
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Presentation Design Services

Whether you already have a slide deck or just scraps of paper with ideas I can help you strategically visualize your key messages and add flow to your content. My goal is to make slides both beautiful and meaningful with a purpose to effectively spread your story.


presentation design philosophy is comprised of three core components for effective visual communication: story, design and appeal.
  • STORY: Story is the heart of the presentation. An effective presentation is an equal pairing of data and emotional connection with the audience.
  • DESIGN: Design is about problem solving to present the idea in the most compelling and easily understood format.
  • APPEAL: Aesthetic appeal serves an integral part of how we feel about the things we see. (Recent studies have shown that aesthetic appeal can subconsciously have a positive effect on the viewer, and improve their likability of the information presented.)

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